Strabo, Horace Leonard Jones's Geography, I: Books 1-2 (Loeb Classical Library®) PDF

By Strabo, Horace Leonard Jones

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Strabo (ca. sixty four BCE to ca. 25 CE), an Asiatic Greek of Amasia in Pontus, studied at Nysa and after forty four BCE at Rome. He grew to become a prepared visitor who observed a wide a part of Italy, quite a few close to japanese areas together with the Black Sea, numerous elements of Asia Minor, Egypt so far as Ethiopia, and elements of Greece. He was once decades in Alexandria the place he without doubt studied arithmetic, astronomy, and heritage. Strabo's old paintings is misplaced, yet his most vital Geography in seventeen books has survived. After introductory books, numbers three and four take care of Spain and Gaul, five and six with Italy and Sicily, 7 with north and east Europe, 8–10 with Greek lands, 11–14 with the most areas of Asia and with Asia Minor, 15 with India and Iran, sixteen with Assyria, Babylonia, Syria, and Arabia, 17 with Egypt and Africa. In define he follows the good mathematical geographer Eratosthenes, yet provides common descriptions of separate nations together with actual, political, and historic information. A sequel to his historic memoirs, Geography is deliberate it seems that for public servants instead of students—hence the debts of actual gains and of traditional items. at the mathematical aspect it really is a useful resource of data approximately Eratosthenes, Hipparchus, and Posidonius. The Loeb Classical Library variation of Strabo is in 8 volumes.

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Jahrh. 1888, 253. G. Hirschfeld : Die Ahhunft des Milhyndatcs von Pergamon. In Hermes, 1878, 474. In Hermes, 1867, 456. E. Hiibner: Egelesta. E. Huverstuhl: Die Lupia des Straho. Antwerp, 1910. (SeeH. f. Mass. Philol. ) Was sind aKoKih ipya helm Straho ? LeipC. W. F. Jacobs : W. zig, 1834. Judeich Caesar im Orient. Kritische Uehersicht der Ereignisse vom 9 August 48 his October Al. Leipzig, 1885. F. Kahler Strabos Bedeutung fur die moderne Geographie. Halle, 1900. : : W. Dittenberger : Methana und Hypata.

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