New PDF release: Apollonius Rhodius: Argonautica (Loeb Classical Library #1)

By Apollonius Rhodius, R. C. Seaton

ISBN-10: 0674990013

ISBN-13: 9780674990012

Apollonius used to be a Greek grammarian and epic poet of Alexandria in Egypt and lived overdue within the third century and early within the second century BCE. whereas nonetheless younger he composed his extant epic poem of 4 books at the tale of the Argonauts. while this paintings didn't win recognition he went to Rhodes the place he not just did good as a rhetorician but in addition made successful of his epic in a revised shape, for which the Rhodians gave him the 'freedom' in their urban; accordingly his surname. On returning to Alexandria he recited his poem back, to applause. In 196 Ptolemy Epiphanes made him the librarian of the Museum (the collage) at Alexandria.

Apollonius's Argonautica is without doubt one of the higher minor epics, notable for originality, powers of statement, honest feeling, and depiction of romantic love. His Jason and Medea are typical and engaging, and did a lot to motivate Virgil (in a truly various atmosphere) within the fourth publication of the Aeneid.

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