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By Guy Bradley

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This ebook, the 1st full-scale therapy of historic Umbria in any language, takes a balanced view of the region's heritage within the first millennium BC, concentrating on neighborhood activities and motivations up to the influence of outdoor affects and Roman guidelines.

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State organization in the ancient world The primary issue which I want to consider, the effect of urbanocentricity on our evaluation of early Italian societies, can be best introduced by an example. The territory of Samnium in the centre of the southern part of the Italian peninsula illustrates some of the difficulties which are posed by current models of Italian societies from the Roman conquest and the Social War. The peoples of Samnium are renowned for the prolonged wars they fought with the Romans for control of central Italy in the second half of the fourth and the early third centuries .

But the tables in Umbrian script are unlikely to have been inscribed much after the mid nd cent. , and could well be earlier (Prosdocimi, Tavole Iguvine). 70 The implications of these passages for Umbrian unity are discussed in Ch. , s. . 66 67 Approaching the history of Umbria  The overall impression gained from this survey of the epigraphy generated within Umbria in the fourth and third centuries  is one of particularism. This obviously contrasts with the image of the Umbrians as an unified ethnic group provided by Greek writers in the fifth and fourth centuries.

Umbria before the Roman conquest The processes inherent in state organization can continue to provide a framework for understanding the changes in Umbria until the Augustan period, and it is therefore a theme that will be revisited in subsequent chapters. Interpreting the development of the region in these terms raises the issue of what might be driving such changes, and so the possible evidence for the influence of Umbrian geography and of neighbouring regions is also explored. Shifts in social complexity are certainly linked to the emergence of signs for the widespread use of religious sites in the landscape, and the unprecedented levels of evidence for ritual activity which are now available need to be considered.

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Ancient Umbria: State, Culture, and Identity in Central Italy from the Iron Age to the Augustan Era by Guy Bradley

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