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By Isaac Asimov

ISBN-10: 0688417795

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Discusses the constellations and stars, the gap, luminosity and dimension, stellar astronomy, starlight, and existence on different planetary structures, with targeted connection with the 3rd brightest and in addition the closest celebrity. Alpha Centauri.

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It is customary to imagine ninety such parallels extending, at equal intervals, from the equator to the north pole, and more from the equator to the south pole. " The equator itself is at zero degrees, or 0°. As you move north you pass the one-degree parallel, the two-degree parallel and so on. " i"" N and 1° S. on Earth could be 10° N or 25° N or 77° N, or any number of degrees up to the north pole which is 90° N. It A spot could also be 10° S or 25° S or 77° S, all the way down to 90° S at the South Pole.

Though very By it is this distance. The easiest conclusion is that Barnard's star, small and very dim star, whose so close. see that brightness alone is no criterion of the average, bright stars are closer to us than stars are, but a given its 10,000 times as bright as can barely be picked up in the telescope even we can On is close, is a very small feeble flicker though proper motion, size, dim star might be dim chiefly dim because of and might be closer than a given bright star. 01 620 can't judge by proper really know that motion alone all stars are moving either.

The only heavenly body we know that certainly shines by its own stars are other light is the sun. suns that look Can it be, then, that the like tiny points of light only be- cause they are so distant? Actually, as long ago as 1440 a German scholar, Nicholas Cusa (KYOO-suh), had suggested that stars were distant suns, but in his time that was only a guess. He had no evidence. Of course, even though the stars were other suns and very far away, they might still be all at the same great distance, and differences in brightness might still be the result of differences of in size only.

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