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By Caesar, A. G. Way

during this quantity are 3 works about the campaigns engaged in through the nice Roman statesman Julius Caesar (100–44 BCE), yet no longer written through him. The Alexandrian War, which offers with problems in other places additionally, could have been written by means of Aulus Hirtius (ca. 90–43 BC, good friend and army subordinate of Caesar), who's in most cases considered as the writer of the final e-book of Caesar's Gallic War. The African War and The Spanish War are precise debts basically via officials who had shared within the campaigns. All 3 works are very important resources of our wisdom of Caesar's career.

The Loeb Classical Library version of Caesar is in 3 volumes.

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13 ; CAESAR Urbs 3 omnium rerum homines ingeniosi atque fertilissima et copiosissima apparatus suggerebat. Ipsi acutissimi quae a nobis fieri viderant ea sollertia efficiebant ut nostri illorum opera imitati viderentur, et sua sponte multa reperiebant unoque tempore et nostras munitiones infestabant et suas defendebant. Atque haec principes in consiliis contionibusque agitabant dinem : populum Romanum paulatim eius regni occupandi venire. in consuetuFaucis annis ante A. Gabinium cum exercitu fuisse in Aegypto Pompeium se ex fuga eodem recepisse Caesarem ; cum neque morte Pompei quicquam profectum quo minus apud se Caesar commoraretur.

Videbant enim non auxilia Caesari, non commeatus supportari posse, si classe praeterea nautici homines urbis et ipsi valerent regionis maritimae cotidianoque usu a pueris exercitati ad naturale ac domesticum bonum refugere cupiebant et quantum parvulis navigiis profecissent sentiebant itaque omni studio ad parandam classem incubuerunt. , which read quibus et superioribus locis sublevabantur, ut ex aedificiis defendi possent. / have adopted Dinter's conjecture, ^ The contrast here appears to lie between combat crews (propugnatores, practically synonymous perhaps with the Greek term epibatae), whose function was that of marines, fleet personnel, sailors, and navigating crews (classiarii Caesar had no marines on board, as distinct from marines).

Having formed this plan, he embarked in smaller craft and pinnaces ten cohorts, some picked light-armed troops and such of his Gallic cavalry as he deemed suitable and, to distract the enemy gan*ison, he launched an attack with decked of the ; upon the other side of the island, offering large rewards to the first to capture it. At first the islanders held off our troops' attack, simultaneously fighting back from the roofs of buildings, and vith equal success defending the beaches with armed parties and there the roughness of the ground did not afford our troops an easy approach -and guarding the narrow waters with pinnaces and five warships displaying both speed and skill.

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