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By P.G. Kistemaker and N.M.M. Nibbering (Eds.)

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Those court cases, containing the texts of the invited lectures, conceal all points of mass spectrometry together with concept, basic reports, functions and instrumentation. Emphasis is put on contemporary advancements. an entire directory of the posters is integrated

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15. Calculated mass range extension of the ion trap achieved by resonance ejection as a function of Mathieu value q at which the ion is in resonance with an applied dipole field. The resonance ejection experiment, in which ions are ejected from the trap by acquiring kinetic energy from a dipole electric field of appropriate frequency, allows extension of the mass/charge range of the instrument by factors of 100 or more (Fig. 15) [33]. In order to utilize this extended mass range, methods of ionization appropriate for high molecular weight compounds or clusters are needed.

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