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By as-Sayyid Murtadã al-‘Askarī (Translated by M. J. Muqaddas)

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He was known as Abuyaqzan. He was one of the Bani Tha'laba tribe and was allied with Bani Makhzoom. His mother's name was Somayyah. He and his parents were pioneers in embracing Islam, and he was the seventh to declare his faith. His parents were executed after the torture of the Quraish Tribe, because of the conversion to Islam. " He fought on al-Imãm Ali's side at wars of Jamal and Siffīn and was killed on the battle-field at the age of ninety-three. 3) Mohammad Bin Abu Hodhaifa called Abulqãsem.

Yet a mysterious man can be held greatly responsible for that belief. 59 in his book, he has quoted from the Islamic Encyclopaedia previously mentioned and from the book History of Arabian Literature. We have stated earlier that they themselves have quoted from Tabari (17). 14) Wellhousen Julius (1844 — 1918). 56—57 in his book Sabaian and the Spirit of Prophethood, he says : " A party was formed in Kũfa, 45 called Sabaian, and this party made many drastic changes in Islam. Despite the teaching of the Koran, they preached the divinity of the Prophet Mohammad.

3) Abdur-Rahman Adis. 33 4) Sa‘sa‘a Bin Souhãn. 5) Mohammad Bin Abi Hodhaifah. 6) Mohammad Bin Abibakr, son of the first Caliph. 7) Mãlik Ashtar. 1) Abũzar (Jondob Ibn Jonadeh) Ghafary. He is the third person in the list of the four pioneers who first embraced Islam. He was a monotheist even before his con-version. He declared his faith in Islam at Mecca in the Holy Mosque Beitul Haram. The Quraishite beat him almost to death but he survived, and on the instruction of the Prophet Mohammad he returned to his tribe.

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Abdullâh Ibn Saba and Other Myths by as-Sayyid Murtadã al-‘Askarī (Translated by M. J. Muqaddas)

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