A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud - download pdf or read online

By Brian May

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The Zodiacal gentle, that misty diffuse cone of sunshine obvious within the West after sundown and the East sooner than dawn, is a gorgeous and fascinating phenomenon. although everybody can benefit from the sight from a definitely darkish position, it really is poorly understood, and has been the topic of fairly little study. Brian may possibly started his study into the topic in 1970, and was once eventually presented his PhD in 2007, after a hiatus of greater than 30 years pursuing his different occupation as guitarist together with his rock band Queen. This e-book is Brian’s thesis, and as such provides the result of his examine for astronomers.

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7 Low et alʼs discovery of the Zodiacal Dust Bands. For details see Low et al (1984). Introduction 23 years in which he made his naked-eye observations of the contours of the ZL as he saw them from his boat. He saw what he thought were parallax-induced variations in the position of the axis, but since his voyage moved him not only in latitude, but around the Sun too, over a period of two years, it is perhaps possible that his maps record the first documentation of the inherent asymmetry of the ZC with respect to the ecliptic plane.

If electrons were present in the Zodiacal Cloud, due to their high speeds, they would add a highly ‘Doppler-smeared’ component to the scattered spectrum, filling in the absorption lines. This effect was shown to be absent by Blackwell and Ingham (1961), who, by measuring the depth of Fraunhofer lines, placed an upper limit of 120/ cm 3 on electron density at 1 AU, so the ZL material must be almost exclusively dust. In the light of later ZC models, perhaps this conclusion is now in doubt, since models with orbits that are elliptical, rather than € circular, also show shallower absorption lines, and some observers have now claimed to have confirmed this observationally (Madsen et al 2006 – see Chapter 4).

Over the next few thousand years, secular precession randomises Ω, the ascending nodes of the elliptical orbits, producing a toroidal distribution, the extremes of which are observed as dust bands. The main driver of secular precession is the gravitational effect of Jupiter, but all the planets have an effect. Over the next 105 years, Poynting-Robertson drag lessens the eccentricity of the orbits, circularising them, and steadily reduces their semi-major axes. 12 shows the predictions of Grogan et al for the evolution in inclination and ascending node of a typical debris ring as a function of time, this time from a collision in the Koronis family.

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