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We're vastly indebted to Dr. Redford for this thorough piece of labor. It illustrates the necessity for monographs which could assemble jointly the collected result of sustained examine with extra amplitude than is feasible in a piece of writing and extra element than is feasible in a remark. there are numerous different exact chunks of culture within the OT, really within the Pentateuch, which deserve such remedy. Redford's paintings incorporates a complete evaluation of previous paintings, a clean and painstaking exam of a number of salient concerns, and a few positive conclusions.
The detailed difficulties provided via the Joseph tale warrant exam in detachment from the remainder of the Pentateuch. As Redford's paintings exhibits, too many concerns were prejudged simply because effects (or hypotheses) derived from surrounding fabrics were accredited to persuade, if to not dictate, the end result of investigating Genesis 37-50. A parade instance is using the divine names, and different contrastive vocabulary-pairs, as hallmarks of the resource files J and E. As Redford indicates, Yahweh is specific to ch. 39. additionally, different pairs, like Israel/Jacob, whereas now not correlating with this primary clue, do need to a point a concomitant distribution with the Judah/Reuben motifs.

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2 "When he came from Padan-Aram" (35: 9-10) Jacob's name was changed to Israel; Israel moved on "beyond the tower of Eder" (vs. 21); "in that land" Reuben ravished Israel's concubine (vs. 22); Israel moves to Beersheba (46: 1); Joseph meets Israel "in Goshen" (46: 29); Israel lives "in the land of Egypt, in Goshen" (47: 27), and requests to be buried outside Egypt, in Palestine (47: 30). 3 Cf. Gen. 12: 1-3; 13: 14-17; 15: 5; 17: 1-8, 15-16; 22: 16-18; 26: 2-5, 24; 28: 3-4,13-15; 35: 11-12. 4 46: 2b-4 26: 24 "Yahweh appeared to him that night "God said to Israel in a night viand said, 'I am the god of Abraham, sion ...

The explanation of a symbol can only follow the statement of that symbol, producing an ascending emphasis; predicate in this case must follow subject. The formal classification of the Ternary Construction reveals the following facts concerning occupancy of the three positions in the Joseph Story: Front Position Middle Position Rear Position Noun Noun hii' /hi' ze(h) phrase Noun hii' /hf' phrase On the copula in Hebrew, see B. Hartmann, OTS 14 (1965), 115 ff. Cf. also 37: 3, 43: 32. 3 Cf. also 40: 18, 41: 25, 26 (thrice), 37; with phrase as semantic predicate 45: 20,47: 6.

This necessitated closing chapter 35 with the burial of Isaac, for which ceremony Jacob had to be gotten to Hebron. Like a dutiful son and heir to the promises he stays there, in the place most heavily charged with patriarchal memories. Consequently he must still have been in residence there when the adventure of Joseph took place. So probably ran the reasoning of the glossator. 6 But if the Joseph Story was set in Beersheba, a harmonizing statement would have to be made between the end of chapter 45 and 46: 5, telling of the family'S migration from Hebron to Beersheba.

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