Download e-book for iPad: A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology by Michael J. Leboffe, Gary D. Wisehart, Erin C. Rempala

By Michael J. Leboffe, Gary D. Wisehart, Erin C. Rempala

ISBN-10: 0895827859

ISBN-13: 9780895827852

This e-book is a full-color complement that offers pictures of preserved specimens and pictures taken at a variety of aquaria to supply insurance of organisms within the world's oceans. it's designed to accompany any marine biology textual content or laboratory guide.

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They are easily seen without staining because of their combination of photosynthetic pigments, which confer on them a bluish-green color (and sometimes others). They were formerly known as “blue-green algae” but they are not eukaryotic. All are Gram-negative, though their peptidoglycan is thicker than most other Gram-negatives. When they are single-celled, they are about the size of bacteria. But when they are found in chains, called trichomes (tricho—hair), they are easily visible at moderate microscopic magnification.

Ciliates reproduce asexually via binary fission and sexually by fusing nuclei with another individual. Groups such as tintinnids (Figure 3-2G) collect bits of particles, such as sand, and cement them together to form a rigid test, or lorica (sheath), outside of the cell body itself.  Stalk F G 2 1 H m 3-2 Ciliophora The distinctive characteristic of this group is the presence of cilia either covering the entire cell (a, b, and c), covering only a portion of the cell such as in Vorticella sp. (d through f) and Tintidium sp.

This process continues until the cell reaches a critically small size, at which time it undergoes meiosis to produce gametes and sexual reproduction occurs. m m 4-10 Coccolithophora Grown in Culture (Coccolithophora) Note the two discoid golden chloroplasts, the two smooth flagella, and the scales on the cell’s surface. 40 A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology SECTION 2 Marine Bacteria, Archaeans, and Protists Ircinia Black ball sponge 5 Porifera P oriferan sponges (Table 5-1) are sessile (attached), encrusting benthic animals that feed by filtering the water and capturing particulate matter (Figures 5-1 through 5-2).

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A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology by Michael J. Leboffe, Gary D. Wisehart, Erin C. Rempala

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