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By Stanisław Lem

ISBN-10: 0151716978

ISBN-13: 9780151716975

It is a first-class, very humorous ebook. an individual acquainted with Lem's brief tales and works like "Imaginary Engines" will recognize what to anticipate. unfortunately, the under blurb utilized by the writer is sort of meaningless.

This is the Kandel translation. I doubt if he up to date the interpretation for the reissue of the e-book by way of Northwestern college Press. They most likely simply got the rights in order that they might rock that vital and jap eu literature.

This is a set of excellent but imaginary studies of nonexistent books. With insidious wit, the writer beguiles us with a parade of pleasant, disarmingly widely used innovations. "Lem is Harpo Marx and Franz Kafka and Isaac Asimov rolled up into one and down the white rabbit's hole" (Detroit News). A Helen and Kurt Wolff Book

(there is a request for this Lem identify, however it is an visible experiment, no longer "retail"...however, if the individual that positioned the bounty on it reveals it appropriate, permit me know!)

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Poor Robinson, who wanted so to avoid shoddiness, who in­ tended to surround himself with chosen ones, has befouled his nest, for he has ensnibbined the entire island. 19 Les Robinsonades Our hero suffers the torments of the damned. Particularly good are the descriptions of the quarrels at night with Wendy Mae, those dialogues, conversations rhythmically punctuated by her sullen, female, seductively swollen silences, in which Robinson throws all moderation, restraint, to the winds. His lordliness falls from him; he has become simply her chattel— dependent on her least nod, wink, smile.

She wrote, and he, not dar­ ing to reply, fled with his tail between his legs. To do what? To organize a Miss Chambered Nautilus Pageant, to belabor the palm trees with a cudgel, reviling them in the most opprobrious terms, to shout out, on the promenade of the beach, his pro­ gram for harnessing the island to the tails of the whales! And then, in the course of one morning, arise those throngs which Robinson calls into existence off the cuff, carelessly, writing names, first and last, and nicknames, on whatever comes to hand.

Snibbins definitely isn’t on the island! The naive reader (alas, there are many such) will by now probably have concluded that Robinson is suffering hallucina­ tions, that he is slipping into insanity. Nothing of the sort! If he is a prisoner, it is only of his own creation. For he may not say to himself the one thing that would act upon him, in a radi­ cal way, therapeutically—namely, that Snibbins never existed at all, and likewise Boomer. In the first place, should he say it, she who now is—Wendy Mae—would succumb, a helpless vic­ tim, to the destructive flood of such manifest negation.

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