1492. In Columbus' Time by Timothy Foote PDF

By Timothy Foote

ISBN-10: 1612306152

ISBN-13: 9781612306155

Christopher Columbus traveled to the recent global in a golden age of exploration and discovery. Little did he be aware of that his exploits might even be the dawning of Western civilization. right here, during this short-form publication via award-winning journalist Timothy Foote, is the tale of these days of exploration and experience, advised in the course of the precise standpoint of Columbus' existence.

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If you fractured a wrist or dislocated a shoulder and hadn’t the means, chances were you’d get an enduring bone infection or be left to heal gradually – more or less crooked and crippled for the rest of your life. Antibiotics did not exist. Pus was taken as a sign of healing (whence, until late in the nineteenth century, the term “laudable pus”). Babies died in the thousands of gastrointestinal diseases. ” In the fifteenth century, three out of five children failed to reach age five; fully half did not make it to twenty.

In Italy, they were led by condottieri, freelance commanders who were a law unto themselves. One of the most feared, Bartolomeo Colleoni, still throws a chill into tourists who run across his grim likeness, a huge equestrian statue by Andrea del Verrocchio that stands in a piazza in Venice. If passing troops did not rape, burn, and pillage, they lived off the land, stripping it so thoroughly that military commanders understood an army could never retreat along the same path it had advanced over.

He thought blood was moved back and forth, like the tide, impelled by some mysterious heavenly spirit. It was not until the seventeenth century that William Harvey unlocked the secrets of the circulatory system. , fluids) of the body: blood, phlegm, choler (yellow bile), and melancholy (black bile). The ideal was balance. ” A choleric man was likely to be yellow-faced, lean, proud, ambitious, shrewd, and quick to anger. A sanguine man, having much blood, was likely to be cheerful and optimistic.

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